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Stay at Villa Aglaia and enjoy a bike or scooter holiday .

Speak to George at Ainos Bikes Kefalonia® a Greek bicycle and motorcycle - scooter rental company providing:
Bike Tours | Bike Hire | Scooter Hire | Bike Repairs and more ..........

1) A variety of bikes and scooters by which one can explore every corner of the beautiful island of Kefalonia

2) Customized services fulfilling your needs, both professional and recreational.

By studying the profiles and needs of our customers and combining it with the exceptional topography of Kefalonia and a perfectly maintained fleet

Ainos Bikes Kefalonia® can ensure that its customers can benefit from safe transportation on the island but also a memorable experience.

Ainos Bikes Kefalonia® is a modernly organized company and a leader in the field.

Telephone George:
Store : +302671026874
Mobile : +306987123994
Email :

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